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These forms are here to make abstracting your records simple while creating a .txt file ready for the Vermont USGenWeb Archives.
Once you have filled in the information and click on SUBMIT your file will be created and automatically
sent to the Archives Manager for that county. Once the Archives manager receives the file they will
upload it and add a link on to the County Archives page for your file and will notify you that it has
been posted. In most cases, this will be within a few days but in cases of large or numberous files
it could take a bit longer. If you do not see your file on the County Page within a reasonable amount
of time please contact the Archives Manager for that county. The Managers are listed at the bottom
of this page.
In some cases the County Mailing List Administrators have requested that files created through these
forms be mailed to the County Mailing List. In these counties a file is sent to the Archives Manager
for the county and a copy of the file is emailed to the corresponding county mailing list. A list of those
counties which send to the mailing list can be found here.
These forms are not mandatory and  will not be suitable for some records.
You may submit your records directly to the Archives Managers which are listed at the bottom of
this page.
At the bottom of each form you have the option to select up to 3 counties where your file
should be posted.  You must select one county, the other two are there in the event the record
you are submitting needs to be listed in more than one county.
There is also an option you can select which will allow you to have a copy of the file created
sent to your email account.
In ALL cases your name and email address are required. This will appear on the file showing
you as the contributor of the material.
An asterisk ( * ) next to a field means that it is required and the form will not create the file
until an entry is made into that field. If you try to submit a file and get an error that data
is missing. Hit the BACK button on your browser to return to your work and enter the
missing field.
We have tried to test these forms in all situations. Remember though
this is the internet and there are such possibilities as an internet service provider disconnecting
you at an inconvenient moment. Please take one moment before you hit submit and highlight
and copy the content of your record so that should a disconnect or error occur, you can go back
and paste the material without retyping.

Here are some examples of the output from these forms:
Bible/Church Records
Biography Records
Cemetery Records
Census Records
Deed/Land Records
Marriage Notices
Military Records
Miscellaneous Records
Newspaper Articles
Wills, Estates

Thank you so much for sharing your records with others!!!!!
If you have any questions please contact Debra Crosby at

Vermont Archives Managers Are:

Tina S. Vickery State Manager All Counties.

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UsGenWeb Archives Guidelines:
All data is free to the public, and the USGenWeb Archives Project will not pay royalties on any submissions.
Data is provided for downloading "as is" -- no guarantees of anything. The transcriptions in the USGenWeb Archives should be used as clues in your research, and we strongly recommend referring to the original documents.
File contributors must use their own discretion regarding the inclusion of data on living people.
Do not send copyrighted material, unless it is your own, and you include a statement of permission to use in the document.
Note: Public domain records cannot be copyrighted.
We cannot guarantee permanency, in the event data is lost.
Any obviously false, malicious, libelous, or copyrighted data will be erased. We do not guarantee the validity of any files. Always check the original document.
These guidelines are subject to change.
Once submitted, the data can't be retracted by submitter. (This rule causes concern to many potential submitters. The reason for this rule is that the volunteer file managers spend many hours preparing the files in the proper format for viewing by all types of computers. We have to discourage submissions - retractions - submissions - retractions because of the volume of data that is submitted. The USGenWeb Archives are accessible FREE and will remain FREE, to researchers. The files within will not be used for any commercial purposes by the USGenWeb Project.) Copyright to data contributed to resides with the contributor, who agrees that the USGenWeb Archives, as a not-for-profit project, has permanent use of the data.
We retain the right to refuse any submission.
Files in the USGenWeb Archives may not be copied for selling in any format.

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